The Track Details Disappear on my SC6000 when I Load It

Hi I have an issue with only a few tracks and can’t find the cause of the problem. When I find the track in question on the player the text is all complete exactly as it was and should be on Engine DJ. But when I press enter to load the track the text is there for a second or two then disappears. The music file is there and plays but all the text gone.

I have tried going back and deleting all the tack info and starting again, by retyping all the info as new but still when I go to load it again the same thing happens again. It’s only happening with a hand full of tracks and they are from different sources and no matter what I do am unable to find the cause, and as I say it’s only a few I cant find a common connection some are my own Wave recordings and some from CDs - Any thoughts on this. Keith

I wonder if changing how the name appears on the screens will help.

You can choose file name or meta data in the settings and maybe worth checking what this setting is configured to.