The problem of interrupting and connecting the sound and shutting down the device

photo-2018-12-18-03-51-38 photo-2018-12-18-03-50-39 Unfortunately, in some places to run, after seeing this device, the device is locked and turned off, and it does not annoy me much, please advise me how I can fix this problem for one player only. I’m going to fix it. Thank you

worrying symbol? I could not find that electrical symbol in the engine prime manual? Hope I never see it on my 5000m`s

Hi everyone,

This warning just means that the power was disconnected, or simply that the SC5000 is not receiving power and is about to turn off. The SC5000 should give you a countdown before it powers off completely.

Obviously, check that the power cable has not been disconnected, but if not, be sure to check your power strip, try different cables, power strips, outlets, etc.

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I do not think there is a problem with the power outage, because if the power is cut off, my mixer will be switched off I used different cables for electricity, and I even used the stabilizer in the way of electricity, but I still had this problem in some places, given that my work in different places is always very stressful before the run. Lest I have a problem with electricity again tonight. When I go out to party outside, it’s likely that there’s a lot of electricity going on, and I’ll have to use the laptop for music only, given that I have this device. But it’s very difficult to use laptops at times. To play music, this series of devices is extremely difficult. The electricity problem, other devices are not the problem, the problem of power supply inside the device


I’m unable to diagnose a hardware failure through a community forum. If you believe the issue is internal, and you may be right, my recommendation would be to contact your dealer or local distributor to have someone take a look at the SC5000.

And in the end, when I see this red mark on the screen, my device does not turn off, it disturbs music playback just as if it’s a CD and it’s disconnected.:sob:

Is it possible the converter in the unit is causing this? DJ_Mamsi is in the middle east and using 240 not 120 like us here in North America. Not sure if that would have any effect.

I did consider that, but it shouldn’t matter. The internal power adapter is auto-switching and tons of these are used all over the world every day. If it is the converter, then the converter is failing and it will need to be repaired.