The Pioneer fanbois on reddit are crazy

I thought this was funny.

Yes, it looks like its fine in video but this guy gets shitted on for having a problem. Their fanbase is crazy - yes, i am a pioneer user too.

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If I understand him correctly, it’s about the click not sounding the same when using the non-latching reverse between both top-dollar players.

Seems they think it’s about the non-latch reverse?

Seems like they’re just not understanding the problem. He clearly says it hasn’t got a spring to it, yet they’re all either asking for an explanation or telling him the difference between the two modes.

Bunch of numpties. :rofl:

Im not sure of the actual problem. Its just mindblowing that they are upset that he has a problem and revert to him being un-experienced or stupid. Their brand loyalty is so strong, it makes them stupid and arrogant.

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The first responder seems to think it’s acceptable for one unit to have a problem. :man_shrugging:

I think possibly the others are watching but not listening.

Yeah. Because they think he means it should latch both ways, but he’s simply stating the non-latch doesn’t sound the same between players.

Reddit is a toxic hell hole… there is rarely anything of worth being posted to any DJ related page, and even rarer a response that isnt just trolling.

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Less than rarely tbh… it’s more like , never

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