The magic of the mcx8000, my review

Called the MCX8000, the new device is a powerful 4 deck controller for Serato DJ Computer software. However this groundbreaking hardware can also operate completely stand alone, without the need for a computer at all. The MCX8000 is the first true DJ hardware/software controller that offers total command of both Serato® DJ and Denon DJ Engine technology in the same instrument. The DJ can use the MCX8000 with its USB drives by opting to use Denon DJ Engine which enables DJ to directly import from Serato DJ crates with all hot cues—as well as create their own—with Denon DJ’s Engine software. As a result the MCX8000 offers a complete high performance set-up that is flexible to suit different gigs and different situations.

kwame Adu

Producer for Top Dj Drops

…and the MCX is soon to have more features added to it, thanks to the new firmware; out soon.