The GrooveDoctor in tha house!

Hey people! My name is Frank, I´m based in Holland (Netherlands), have been DJ-ing for 16 years I’ve always been a Denon fanboy, starting out with the DN-F2000 next to the Technics. I’ve owned it in Mk1 and Mk3 versions Later purchased some DN-S3000 players. Then came the MC6000 Mk1 (which I’m still using to date) and I replaced DNS3000 with a pair of SC2900’s Love those as well, but I was missing something I’m totally pumped and can’t wait to get my hands on the SC5000 Oh yeah, I’m in love with (club/deep/tech) house music but I also play allround Greetings! Frank a.k.a. The GrooveDoctor

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Welcome and thanks very much for your support!