The great MP3 Dj Library Tidy Up 2024

@TranceVoyageSessions check out One tagger


Seemed like it could be a good solution but you only get 100 for free. I’m gonna just use my good old fashioned ear.

I might not reply for a while guys. You’ve all been really helpful as usual.

Will do Revan :blush:

Hi :raising_hand_woman:t2: :purple_heart:

I buy new tracks on Bandcamp and download them as FLAC files, it is my favourite website right now. Disk space is cheap and available, so there is no reason to go for lossy mp3 files. Juno Download is another site that I occasionally use to get some older tracks, but beware that many older files there may actually be vinyl rips. If something sounds bad, I check the file with a software called spek, it shows the tell-tale signs of a vinyl rip or other signs of low quality …

If you manually select 10 files a day, check their quality, edit the tags with a software like mp3tag (which is good for FLAC files as well), add missing artwork with images from discogs, it will take 4 years to go through your collection. You have the chance to build a new, sorted, clean library of high quality files. Don’t forget to make backups.

Monstercat Silk is on Bandcamp:

Anjunadeep is on Bandcamp too:

One thing that I love about Bandcamp is that they do not charge us extra money for downloading a high-quality FLAC file. If you buy an album or a track, you can download all formats that you like. I always dislike it on other sites, if the FLAC files cost some extra money.

I hope this helps you a little on your journey! :blush:


Tell that to Apple.

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As for digitizing vinyl, here are two guides:

I focus more on the rare white labels and often just purchase digital copies, when available. I buy lossless and find US 7Digital, often has great prices. They don’t markup for lossless. The track availability is spotty, though. There are some real bargains, e.g., Salsoul Records: The Original Disco Mixes, 59 tracks MP3 $8.99 / 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC $13.99.

Yeah, and Bandcamp is awesome!


Thank Parysatis, to be honest I have been sat for hours now I think it’s time to start a fresh new collection.

Guys I’m actually finding store brought tracks from Beatport and DJ downloads that sound absolutely pap. Fakin’ da funk even confirmed they are fake 320s. Bad isn’t it.

It’s time for a new collection for sure.

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There is definitely the odd ringer on iTunes too, but the preview option can weed them out with some decent headphones on.

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PC all the way now. Apple lost me years ago. My 2007 iMac had slots to add extra ram and a removable screen to upgrade the drive. Apple is stingy now. My gaming of has slots for 5 nvme 8 solid states and a partridge in a pair tree… :joy:

Yeah can’t believe how bad some purchased ones sound ha ha. I like the flac idea seeing you can add artwork this might be the answer for me. I’m giving up and I’ve not even scratched the surface of my collection :joy:

If I don’t have the vinyl I’ll simply buy the lossless.

I have too much paid for software on mine to swap back to MS, plus it annoys me for 8hrs a day at work so I would rather not have to use it at home too lol.

I also like the Apple ecosystem for general use and how it syncs with my phone and tablet etc, copy pasting across devices, answering calls and messages. I specced up an M1 MBP with 1tb drive and 16gb of RAM, I expect this to be my rig for 10yrs now, my old one (thats still my backup) is from 2015 and still working pretty well even with a lowly 2 core processor and 8gb of RAM.

I enjoy my Surface Laptop 4 hardware during the day though, just not Windows.

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Nothing ventured nothing gained. Btw fakin’ da funk can’t detected vinyl rips, it has passed quite a few of the ones I have. Remember I posted about the first beats being missing last year? , turns out they are all vinyl rips. :sweat_smile:

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I do remember and I did suspect at the time it was down to vinyl rips, I just have no idea why :slight_smile:

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Have to admit I do luv the apple eco system especially for creative stuff.

Yeah think we figured it out eventually. I’m literally just gonna start a new digital collection now. My old stuff can stay on my drive as a testament to time :wink:

My GF is a teacher so I got 10% off my MBP (a decent chunk on a 2 grand machine) and also the full Apple software suite for £300, so now have logic and Final Cut amongst others. Final Cut is insanely powerful.

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Nice yeah if you can get the discount it helps for sure.

There’s nothing wrong with vinyl rips if your vinyl is clean (mine is, I don’t stick my greasy mitts all over it), and you can filter out rumble in software. I rarely have to decrackle but that’s possible too.

I won’t ripping any of my vinyl. I’ve just started collecting again. Vinyl sounds amazing, I’m looking to supplement them with the highest quality digitals. And yeah never touch the record. I cue on the edge and centre. Vinyl is amazing but some tracks command £100 plus now. So adding high quality digital is gonna be how I bridge the gap. Plus my Sc6000s / lc have been sat collection dust so I need to get some use out of them :joy:

I definitely like the Flac route, I’m probably gonna buy some tonight. They do work with engine and sc6000 don’t they?

Some things just aren’t available any other way though. There’s been many a time I’ve looked for a track online, couldn’t find it (even on YouTube) and ended up digging the vinyl out.