The database crashes on the main drive and on pendrives

At the wedding, there was no electricity in the socket, denon prime 4 turned off. Since then, I have only had problems with the database. Database repair did not help. I have problems with the main drive and two pendrives. I do not know what to do. Firmware 1.5.2 and database made in engine prime 1.3.2, checked in 1.5.

!) Left display does not work Everything was fine for a year after purchase. What should I do next? Does the Denon Prime 4 have no protection against voltage drop? Sorry for my english, I’m writing from the translator.

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Oh dear. How did you finish the wedding?

This should not be happening.

I had this happen to me at a gig. Someone unplugged my prime 4 from the wall to charge their phone. It killed my hard drive. Thank god I had a backup copy at home. I just ran tidal all night.

How I’m not getting by this is I bought a backup power supply designed for a home Pc. It’s made by a company called cyber power. So now if the power goes out. It will keep the prim4 on so I can safely turn it off and not have to go through this again.