The ability to edit tracks in engine DJ that will then transfer to Denon device using sync manger possibly the ability to adjust tracks on prime 4 and other devices

I have seen it late firmware and software releases that so things do not transfer or sync to engine DJ or the P4 in case. I was hoping that Denon would give us the ability to edit tracks in engine DJ and our devices too. For example I use comments to link my playlists together so it makes it easier to find a specific playlist when I need to. In the latest 3.1 update I noticed some comments carry over but for some reason some do not and without a way to edit it it can’t be done because it’s already done in the actual playlist outside of engine dj. I hope this is being considered and will be a part of a update soon as well as a daytime screen working in Florida in direct sunlight makes it impossible no matter the angle Olof the screen to be able to see anything even with cover like a tent overhead please consider this as well thanks

As an added contribution I have verified in the last occasions (3.0.1 and 3.1) that when using the sync manager, the two tracks that are in the desktop player are not exported and appear in red when the export is finished, then you have to relocate both files in the collection and they are seen blank again, the best thing is when using the Sync manager, that you do not have tracks loaded in either of the two decks, I don’t know if you can try it to check if it is a possible bug or some occasional failures for another reason.

Activate the two tracks and then export, when finished look for whether or not they appear in red in the main collection

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Sounds like a database issue. Probably some went iffy going from version to version. When was the last time you rebuilt the engine library?

I just wiped my internal drive before the update. However this rebuilding the library is something we should never need to do this doesn’t happen with any other DJ software so this tells me there is still some kind of stability issues with either engine DJ and firmware maybe both. We should never need to rebuild the library on any software unless there is a problem which in my case there is no issues. I can open up the same library in any other software and have no problems at all. Only in engine DJ or the firmware of my prime 4 this happens. I do notice it takes way longer to search for songs in tje the update for some reason 3.1 is not as far as 3.0.1. The next update hopefully comes quickly to fix all the bugs in this latest update.

When you say “Internal drive”, are you referring to the one you installed in the prime4?

if that is the one you wiped then you are doing it wrong.

it is the “Engine Library” Folder in your computer that needs to be rebuilt.

I agree, but stuff happens.

I have rebuilt my serato v2 library about 3 or 4 times.

There is always a caveat that something can go wrong during updates from release to release. The only way to avoid this is to never update and I have seen posts of people still on Engine 1.6, downside of this approach is that they miss out on the goodies.

Of note, devs and beta testers try everything within their developmental power to facilitate smooth updates.

If your main database is not good then the prime 4 internal drive library will not perform as expected. Garbage in, Garbage Out.

Fingers crossed it brings you some fixes.