Thanks denon

Congratulations Denon.

I want to give my support publicly and encourage everyone to come from other formats, I think Denon is doing a great job, and publicly my congratulations.

Before you like my post or not, wait until you see my reasons, it is true that Denon Engine Dj has many bugs, the position of the cue when you load a song, the dynamic beatgread, the effects, that the cue is memorized since the last position of another day, that the lighting outside and sunlight is weak, that if the buttons have too much light, that if we cannot order tracks so comfortably, that if it does not suggest similar tracks in key and time in real time while we make a playlist, and many more, but, one thing is clear, for those of us who have used other all-in-one systems or players, Denon has the best Hardware on the market by far, the software … well they are improving. It is true that version 2.2.2 is weak even for those of us who used rekordbox, but… a question on the air, does anyone remember what Rekordbox was like in its version, 3.0?..

it was much worse than the one Engine has now, so cheer up and keep going like this, I’m sure that in a few years they will be much higher and just like what happened in the late 90’s, that nobody, I mean practically no DJ wanted to work with those CdJ 100 players, we all wanted the reliability of the Doubles MK… that they could read anything without a problem and that they had no cadence when pressing the buttons and that the pitch was reliable and without jumps… well what memories… I get nostalgic… in short, Congratulations for continuing to grow and fight, among all of us we will speak well and badly about the things we don’t like, but that makes them improve, at Pioneer it is unthinkable to speak badly, because they censor you, they think they are the owners for having bought many djs and many rooms for many years… but this is changing, the future passes by listening to the DJs that we are the ones who use the equipment, cheer up and continue like this…:wink: