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Hello fellow Prime Tribes(wo)men,

A quick (re)introduction, my name is MixMasterG (Peter). I’ve been mixing since I was 13 years old (I’m 53 now) and had my first “residency” in the local discotheque at the age of 16. My focus has shifted from being an active DJ to passing the accumulated knowledge of spinning the decks for 40 years. I’m not a turntabiliist, my field of expertise has always been reading the crowd and knowing my track collection inside out with my speciality from early 80’s until mid 90’s.

I’ve developed a slate of tools for collection management and conversion for DJs. All my tools are MacOS only. Not because I’m an OS snob, I simply lack the knowledge to support Windows to the same extent I can support MacOS. I know that having my tools availble on Windows would multiply the revenue stream, but I find protecting my good name when it comes to servicing the users of my tools more valuable then potential money.

I was one of the early adopters of the SC5000/X1800 kit (at full price!) and never regretted it. My preparation DJ software is Traktor, the first time I laid my hands on a (pre release) SC5000 it felt like “Traktor in a box”. I was sold on the hardware immediately.

Its collection software, Engine Prime, is a different story. Let me suffice to say that it’s the reason why I developed my own tool, the Denon Conversion Utility.

My presence here is with full consent of Denon DJ and under the mutual understanding that I won’t mention my tools with every answer. I’ll try to help the community by answering questions about the Prime platform and its interaction with other DJ software. Tho some of the functionality my tools offer are not possible with the current release of Engine Prime (exact static grid/BPM conversion from Rekordbox and with the addition of the DJ Conversion Utility from Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ for instance). For those who are interested in what my tools can do feel free to contact me direct.

Each Tuesday at 19:00 CEST (Amsterdam Time) I host an

Ask Me Anything collection management and conversion for DJ’s

In these AMA’s I don’t just answer questions, but also show how things are done. Using a multitude of cams and screen capture. All live. The AMA is not centered or focused on any specific hardware/software. I’m like the Switzerland of DJ hard- and software I don’t care what you use as long as it enables you to get the job done. I have good to excellent relations with all companies that are active in the industry. I have my preferences but am not bought or paid by any of them I value my independence.

One of the repeating themes is conversion between various DJ software and Denon Prime in both directions. Yes you read that right I can now convert cues/loops set on a Prime (4) player back to the original Rekordbox collection and with addition of DJCU to Serato/Traktor.

Click here to go to the live stream

Tuesday, April 14th at 7:00 PM CET (=Amsterdam Time)

End time depends on the number of questions.

I’ve got the following questions lined up already for the next stream:

  • Duplicate tracks in a collection
  • Conversion back and forth Serato and Prime
  • Beatgrids among various DJ software

Click here for the previous streams

Click here for the Stream’s Facebook event page

Leave any questions you may have in the comment section prior to the stream and I’ll be happy to answer them

If you can’t attend the stream, it will be available on YouTube at the link above.


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