Testing Prime 4 on Virtual Dj

This is my first test.

Touchscreen no work. Plater screen bugs Midi Controls Work fine.

See Video:

I have no idea why you would want to do this but good luck to you lol


Prime 4 works perfect in standalone mode, I love it. That also works with other platforms is an extra. Many people ask to enable serato. Virtual dj is another option.

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Never hurts to have alternatives with this capable controller.


It’s like inviting Einstein to a party, and just asking him to keep the peanut bowls topped up. :peanuts: :peanuts: :astonished:


Why because some people prefer virtual DJ over serato, specially when your a mobile DJ. It comes with everything. Now if prime4 did videos than now you can truly say it’s a stand alone. But it’s not so there claim is false… It doesn’t do the jobs needed for us mobile dj

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For me the mapping works fine, done a gig yesterday night. Everything was stable and cool.

Why i use the prime with VDJ, cause the hardware is very good but the software didn´t work for me. If you want to manage files (tagging, move,…) the enginge prime is not a good solution at the moment. Sync to a usb device is a horror! Thats my personal thinking.

What firmware version is your Prime 4 running? Never knew DenonDJ had enabled the unit’s soundcard and midi USB to be consumed by other devices. Last time I tried, with firmware 1.3.2, it simply enabled nothing, no new “device”, neither on a Mac, nor on Windows.

The Primes are of course stand alone and do the jobs needed for mobile DJs. Primes don’t do video, but then most mobile DJs dont do video either. Some do video and karaoke yes but Primes perfect for the majority - the DJs, mobile or otherwise, who simply want to play their music standalone.


Atomix have now released mapping for the Prime 4 (for Pro VDJ users) - but unfortunately neither the main screen or the jogwheel cover art is supported. Something to do with an incorrect SDK from Denon.