Tempo reset issues

So after doing the updates on my SC5000’s my shift tempo reset feature is no longer working. Is there a new way of doing it im unaware of ? Or is it just no longer an option. If so can I go back to a previous update and get it back ? Because I found it very handy for myself personally. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @MATG86, welcome to the forum!

This has been changed, due to the KEY implementation. See similar here after doing a search on the forum:

Thank you for you help @Reese ! Still kinda getting used to these new tables so I appreciate it. Now since this was a change in an update. Do you know if it is at all possible to go back to a previous update before the change ? I only ask because the tempo reset was was more helpful the the key set for me personally. Appreciate any and all input :pray:t3::v:t3::orange_heart:

It think there might be a feature request, made by another forum member, for it to be an option. Don’t think it will return. Reverting to an older firmware is not an option. You’ll miss out on too much.

It is certainly possible to revert back in version. I would personally advise against it. You will probably run into other issues that have now been resolved. And you indeed miss, as @Reese said, other new great functionalities.

But if you really really want to revert and looking for older download versions Click here.