Tempo - BPM - Sync like a boss

There are 3 Sync settings

BPM SYNC: Track A bpm is equal to Track B speed/tempo/bpm only. The DJ still has to manually line up the beats

BEAT SYNC: Track A bpm is equal to Track B speed/tempo/bpm and the nearest beats line up.

BAR SYNC: Track A bpm is equal to Track B speed/tempo/bpm, the start of the bar lines up


  • Beats and Bars explained


There are a few things that will ensure that two tracks sync

  1. Tracks have the correct BPM/Tempo
  2. The grids are on beats - Sometimes the tempo is correct but the grids are not on beat. This is easily corrected on the fly by sliding the grid left or right.
  3. The DJ understands beats, bars and phrasing.


  1. Load deck A, Press Play
  2. Load deck B, press SYNC
  3. Mix deck B in
  4. Load new track to deck A, Press Sync, Press Play
  5. Rinse and repeat for Deck B
  6. Back and forth

Since 2.0, you only need to press SYNC on the incoming player/track

A few buttons respect the SYNC settings

eg HotCue and Play


If you’re new to DJing you should learn to DJ without sync though because stuff will always go wrong and you need those skills to fall back on.

Also, if you get good enough you don’t have to grid your tracks properly because it can be done on the fly in a few seconds.

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Only if the tempo of the is correctly set. There is no option to change the tempo of the beat grid on the players so far…

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There is no option to correct the BPM via adjustment of the beat grid. Changing the tempo can be done via the pitch fader.

Imo, Cue button should respect the SYNC settings too. But someone at Denon don’t think the same, or maybe it’s another bug/feature.

So You say You can adjust the lengths between beats on the beatgrid? You have some super secret software that we don’t?

No, because that would be “correcting the BPM via adjustment of the beat grid”, which I just said can’t be done on the players.

You claimed it wasn’t possible to change the tempo, which is the standard use for the pitch control. I see you’ve edited your post now anyway :slight_smile:

I was refering to tempo of the grid, not playback tempo.

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