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My Prime 4 firmware 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 does not connect to the beatport link. After a few days of use in version 1.5.1 the device started to start when trying to connect to the service, after upgrading to 1.5.2 the problem persists. BETA 1.6 version also does not correct the problem. Attempts to contact technical support via email have not returned. I’m in Brazil and I can’t get physical technical support.

Hi @alessandroterra

At what stage do you get stuck? Does it login and not connect? Or does login fail (make sure to use username, not email)? Do you get an error message?

Hi Addie, do not login, as I had previously connected to my account, the device starts connecting to the service without success and restarts the device.

After creating this post, continuing the attempts to solve the problem on my own, the idea of removing the HD SSD installed in the internal compartment occurred to me and this solved the problem. Now the login screen appears !!! Problem solved.

Thanks for listening.

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A problem is known with ended subscription causing a reboot. It will be impossible to change credentials. Are you sure the same subscription the device is logging on is active (not expired)?

As a workaround you can try to change your password at Beatport and hope the login screen pops up

– edit – I see you managed to find a workaround, great! Hopefully the reboot bug is fixed in next release

The subscription is active! The problem is related to the HD SSD installed on the internal drive. After removing and installing the HD again the problem was solved !!!

In the beta version the problem persists, but with a difference, an information screen appears and generates an error file inside the internal SSD HD.

It was with this that I had the idea to remove the HD for verification

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