Teaching DJs How to Fish

> "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but TEACH a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime!"

The purpose of this thread is to help DJs combat audio distortion, screen freezes & overall latency issues on the MCx8000. I’ve found an excellent article on ‘Troubleshooting USB Audio Artifacts/Latency’ by Numark. The link is below:


There is also some VERY USEFUL info on computer optimization on Serato’s website. That link is also listed below:

In addition to the tips in the articles above, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND running an external laptop fan to keep your laptop nice and cool. My experience is that it’s best to NOT power the fan via a USB port on your computer (or the MCx8000 rear USB port). Instead power the fan using a USB adapter plugged into either a separate power strip or a professional power conditioner.

Applying these simple tips will help reduce headaches, stress & anxiety at gigs!!


Good points, especially in light of recent posts about how a warm or hot laptop cant always give you as low a latency figure as a cold laptop … all those times where at a gig, everything went well for the first couple of hours…but then…

As Chino said… by all means run a cooling fan (or a lappy cooling pad/tray, BUT dont run those devices from the USB ports on the lappy… as ANYTHING in use inside a lappy, including the USB power circuit adds to the heat inside, so… the power to the extra fan could be heating the lappy up, while the fan is trying to cool the lappy down.

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Great post Chino. Quite resourceful.

I live in Ireland and it’s always cold as a polar bears back garden even during the two days of summer we get. But might still give that cooling pad a look into. My CPU temp stays around 65-70°c as I do videos (Serato DJ + Mix Emergency) I use a Elgato thunderbolt 2 dock to connect my thunderbolt external drive, numark orbit controller & HDMI. The 8000 is connected directly to the Mac.

In the Numark article gain staging was mentioned as a possible source of noise and I agree.

Still getting my head around the gain structure of the 8000. I have Serato set to autogain recommended and the individual software meters are set automatically, mostly amber, I didn’t touch the overall gain in software. It’s at default close to 12 o clock.

But the channel trim on the 8000 is different from Pioneer and Rane that I’m used to. I keep it green. I feel it’s close to Clipping in Amber. Where do you have yours?

I love the sound of the denon. It’s why I won’t be buying another Sub SZ pioneer controller.

In terms of the latency, im using at 10ms in Serato and the controller is at 4ms by default. Still got that audio silence I reported in my other thread last night 11/03/2017

Maybe I need to go up to 20ms in Serato.

@DenonDJBill @DenonDJNick

Does the internal MCX 8000 hardware latency setting affect software or is that just for standalone USB function?