Talk over not functioning

Okay, so admittedly I’m still new to this controller. The first time I hooked it up and tested it at my house when I had the microphone button on and I pushed the talk over button it would automatically drop the music level while I was talking and then it would raise it back up once I stopped. The last two times I played at a gig the talk over button did absolutely nothing. I ended up having to turn up and down the volume of the music when I wanted to talk on the microphone. Am I missing something here? Some silly button or setting that I am simply overlooking

There is a setting routing mic only to master and not booth, maybe you used booth connections?

What I have found with the MCX8000 is that the threshold for it cutting in is quite high. For example at home it will work fine but in a club because the mic is amplified more sometimes it will not work depending on the venue and it’s sound system.

With v2 firmwares he 8000 work good in club as though the speakers do not point close toward the microfone

With the new firmware I think you can set the level of talk-over and the sensitivity?

As for the 7000 of the OP, it could indeed have to do with the POST setting. You can toggle that by keeping SHIFT pressed when pressing the talk-over button.

Hi ,I have had the same problem ,but has never worked at all