Tagging more than one user

It would be nice if you could tag more than one person when posting. Currently you can only do one @Shain the second person will not be allowed.

Which thread and which multiple peeps were you looking to tag

I was trying to reply to two people on one post…I think the one by engell about the pitch play and the pads…Why can you tag two people?

Because the guys that bring you the forum software (not Denon) don’t support that version or the user of the sofware (Denon) decided not to activate that option if it DOES exist.

It’s off for normal users. Staff can tag more.

Example: Coming soon: World’s first music streaming capability in standalone DJ hardware

What @Reese said to Shain!

Guess it’s not working for VIP members either. Who do I need to talk to around this place?!?!?! LOL

Nope and also not for “other type” members. :nerd_face:

But they promised me when I signed up!

Nah, just kidding pfffff

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