System Turns On With Screen Off


I recently purchased a Prime setup and I’m noting that sometimes when I turn on the players, the screen doesn’t turn on but all the buttons are active (colors on). In order for me to restart the system, I need to unplug the power and wait for the auto-off feature. After the system shuts off, I restart it and the screen is working. Curious if anyone else has been running into this issue?

had the self issue, look at the posts in the sc5000 section below… contact asap your seller and look out for new players, dont let them repair them,… i know what i talking about… sorry i hadnt a better solution, its the blank screen bug

regards roland

Unfortunately, spoke to the place I bought it from and they’re only willing to ship my player back to Denon and charge me for the shipment. Bought it on 11/20 and its quite upsetting that there’s this bug after the money spent on this setup.

Anyone from Denon have any recommendation? Only thread I found that had the same issue was this:


Thanks for posting here! If you’re ever experiencing a problem you suspect to be hardware related, please contact your nearest support team as soon as possible. We can determine if there is a hardware failure and help coordinate service. Warranty and non-warranty service cannot be handled on a community forum.

That said, I just sent you an email. Please respond and we’ll continue over there.


I have to say that the customer service from Denon DJ is top notch. (Granted i’m in SF and they’re in Reno) Huge thanks to Corey for providing an easy and quick experience. I sent the unit to Denon on Wednesday (with the shipping pre-paid), and received a replacement today (Sunday). Amazing!