System failure please help

Last night I tried to use my prime 4 to do a gig. On first set up I found 95% of my stored music had disappeared off the system. This probably was after an update of my library the night before. So after a couple of hours trying to get it back. I decided to use bestsource to stream on the fly. Which was getting me out of a hole. Then this stopped and froze. So ended up using my phone through a Bluetooth adaptor. It was all very embarrassing. And mighty frustrating. I use a Mac. Inporting my apple library, and prime 4. Can anyone help

Without knowing any further details its impossible to assist fully… all I will say is you need to do some sanity checking after any kind of library update to ensure all your music is still intact, especially if you’re planning to use it for a gig.

As an example I added some new music to mine yesterday morning then did a quick 20/30 minute mix to ensure everything was in order before I went out last night to a gig.

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