Syncing two SD cards one after the other gives different results

I use SD cards rather than USB thumb drives.

When I sync my main SD card with new tracks and updated playlists I also sync a second identical card as a backup, one immediately synced after the other.

Once complete, in Windows File Explorer I repeatedly find differences in file sizes and different numbers of files between the two cards. Also, tracks in the EngineDJ collection can show as duplicated or missing, or red tracks located on one SD card rather than on my laptop.

I would have thought that when syncing from the laptop to the SD card, sync manager would update new tracks and playlists and delete removed ones on the card so to dupliacte the playlists on EngineDJ on the laptop, but it doesn’t appear to do this due to discrepencies between one card and the other.

I have just downloaded new music, copied it into my collection on Engine DJ then synced the two cards, the first one was showing 33.6GB, the second one 45.5GB. I formated the second card so it was clean and synced again, this time it was showing as 33.6GB also. And, which is correct?

I am currently using EngineDJ 3.3.0 but it has done this on previous 3.x versions also.

Any suggestions? Is this a bug?

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Ive had a few sync issues previously, one being it doubling the capacity of my drive… the only solution I found was to format it and re-import everything to correct.

Im of the opinion now that occasional formats of performance drives work better in the long run.

Aye STU-C, formatting is a work-around but it isn’t a solution, you’d hope the software actually worked as it should! Perhaps this can be addressed in future updates? I’ll just have to remain vigilant and format my memory every now and again. Thanks for commenting and confirming. x

I agree with you, but honestly as someone who’s been using rekordbox sticks for years it’s not much better on there, I’ve had to format them several times due to corruption etc.

Fair. And it helps knowing it’s not only me!

It’s been reported as an issue anyway so the devs are aware of the bloated hard drive occurring.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4:

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