Syncing different hip hop bpm. 140 and 70

I uswd ro sync hip hop tracks that are 70 bmp with hip hop tracks that are 140 bpm when using Serato dj. Is there a way to do this with engine dj OS? I tried to do this with engine dj at a party and the 70 bpm speeded up to 140 bpm and was going really fast. I had to manually adjust the bpm.

Thanks Spacecapital

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One quick path is to double the HipHop track bpm mid play. I do this with DNB all the time.

vote for the feature here

yes, doable but messes things up when it comes to sorting

Completely agree. I mean, it could be temporary. Like, you double the BPM for that one song, mix out, and then before you jump onto a new one, you could half the BPM again. PITA, i know.

yeah i do that. i will use the key sync feature and pitch them both a little bit here and there so the overall TEMPO aint totally wack. sometimes i will “screw” a mix and slow it doownnnnn on purpose. :nerd_face: :partying_face:

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