Sync USB without deleting existing playlist

Can the Engine DJ team please implement a way to add a new song from Engine DJ (which has been analyzed) to USB (SYNC) without deleting the existing playlist on the USB (including all other playlists which aren’t even being updated) ?

I believe this was possible with the crates method which is now obsolete.

I’m not following your request here? That’s exactly what you can do, add music to playlists in the desktop app then sync it to your performance storage device and it will add it to the corresponding playlist there.

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If using sync manager though the previously exported playlist must remain “checked”

Or am I missing something

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Did you try the drag and drop method?

Drag new playlist to the usb collection tab

A short video of the workflow would be helpful then we can see what is happening because like you I’m struggling to understand the problem.

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If you’re only adding one song, no need to involve Sync Manager. Just drag it to the playlist on the flash drive (which I assume is what you mean by “USB”).

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Just add the track to the playlist on computer, and sync to usb/external media. I do it daily, can’t understand what you mean by " deleting playlist"

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