Sync question

hello everyone, could someone clarify a doubt?, when I synchronize my collection with my drives through the dj engine, does the change happen in my collection (drive copy) or in the drive (collection copy)?. Thanks.

For example: if I make modifications (within the dj engine) only in the DRIVE (internal SSD of the prime 4) and click on synchronize, the modifications that I make in the DRIVE will be copied to my COLLECTION in the notebook?.

Yes. It syncs from the performance usb to the main collection.

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Thanks Mufasa, so does that mean that if my collection on the notebook has any stripes in red, it won’t be synchronized to my SSD, which is already organized? Thanks.

Sync is one way


From P4 drive to PC collection and vice versa

If you create a playlist on pc collection that contains some red tracks, I don’t know how Engine DJ sync manager handles this in its current iteration.

I don’t have any red tracks in my collection.

You can test it seen as you have some red tracks, make a playlist and sync it across to usb and see if engine skips the red ones or adds them.

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This is my fear, I arrange my entire collection on the SSD and when I synchronize, I lose all my work, I believe that the ideal would be to delete everything related to the engine on the notebook and copy the same content from the SSD, so I start from scratch and I don’t run any risk, I think this engine system is very confusing and insecure, there should be a function where it is possible to choose “what to synchronize”, like: origin and destination knows, this way, we could choose which direction the changes would be destined.

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I think its easy once you have a grasp of how it works

Simple workflow

  1. download tracks to your computer
  2. add the files to engine dj
  3. create playlists with the files and add your hotcues etc
  4. plug in your Prime4 SSD
  5. start sync manager…sync from engine dj to your prime4ssd

Note This will only send tracks that are in playlists to the prime4ssd, if you have tracks that are in the laptop collection but not in playlist and you would also like to have them in your prime4ssd, then create a smartlist for all tracks to sync across

when you get back from gig or from playing

  1. plug prime4SSD to laptop
  2. start sync manager
  3. sync from prime4ssd to engine DJ first

Thats the straightforward way that will work perfectly for most users.

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Quick Tutorial


Thanks for the tips @mufasa , since I bought my Prime 4, I’ve been struggling with this synchronism, I’ve spent days and days arranging my collection directly on the INTERNAL SSD DRIVE to keep everything organized with hot cues, etc, after organizing, of course I want my collection inside the notebook to be the same as the SSD, from that, I can do the opposite way, I make the changes in the notebook collection and just transfer it to the internal SSD, however, it never worked right, duplicate songs, songs in red, the playlist has 120 songs, for example, it transfers much less than that, honestly I find this system extremely confusing, every time I use the sync function, it’s a nightmare.