Sync Prime 4 with DASLIGHT DVC4 (Midi Sync)

To all you out there using DASLIGHT instead of Soundswitch and to whom it may concern:

I just managed to sync my new Prime4 to an existing Lighting System in my resident club. In this venue the whole lighting rig is controlled by the PC based Daslight DVC4 Software.

Before migrating to P4, I used Traktor which was able to output MIDI Clock…and Daslight can sync the lightshow to it. As we all know with OS2.0 Prime4 can sync to Ableton Link…well that’s something to start with at least…

You already guessed the trick: Ableton is the “Man in the middle” syncing via Link to P4, it then delivers MIDI Clock to Daslight and…it just simply works like charm!!

What I did:

  • Install an Ableton Version >9.6 on the Daslight Host PC…in my case “Ableton V10 Suite”. You do NOT(!!) need to register it for this USe Case. And: Any Ableton Version provides the necessary features, even the smallest “Lite” one
  • Install a LoopBe virtual Midi Cable on the Daslight Host PC
  • Insider Trick: You must use an ASIO Driver on Ableton, otherwise “Ableton Link” does not show up! So install ASIO4ALL if you want to use the internal soundcard on the Daslight Host PC and use it with Ableton.
  • Configure Ableton to send MIDI Sync to LoopBe’s virtual Midi Port
  • Create an empty Live Set in Ableton and set up a simple Loop and let it PLAY(!)
  • You can now sync to you Prime4 via A.-Link
  • Then configure your Daslight to listen to MIDI Sync via the LoopBe virtual Midi port. Et Voila… Sounds complicated but it is not!

Question to the DAW Experts out there: Any Idea to have a leaner “Man in the middle” instead of a full Ableton DAW actually doing nothing but playing in a loop??


If you have an old iPhone or iPad lying around with a camera kit USB adapter then a free app called “Link to MIDI” may do it?

Thanks for the hint, MrWilks I did check the “link to midi” app on an old iPad. I have a Behringer i22 iPad Docking Station lying around which can provide the Midi Out. I can confirm: It works!!! Downside: Another device to carry around with you to the gig.


You can also download Remixlive and add some beats to your set via Ableton Link too. Those Behringer i22 iPad Docking Stations are quite handy to have and can be bought on eBay etc. A good tip for anyone else wanting to do similar stuff.

Glad the tip helps!

Oh and Daslight has an iPad app so you can also the unit as a remote too. Maybe the iPad can run both Link to MIDI and Daslight remote via multitasking? I’m not sure.

Hey Ihcra,

Thank you very much for sharing this information. I’ve tried to do the same setup but I’m failing at the step where I have to sync the Ableton Live to the Prime 4. The Prime 4 does not show up in the Ableton Link Midi settings. How did you do this?

Also another question; Is it possible to sync the tempo of the Link without activating the Sync buttons on the prime 4?

Thank you very much for your help & Best Regards, Tobifree