Sync playlists to drive not working again

Hi, I have a problem with syncing new playlists to drives. This has been working absolutely fine until today now won’t export new playlists. Windows 10. EngineDJ 3.2.0 drives (many drives) been updated over and over on this version, could this possibly be a windows update affecting EngineDJ as nothing else has changed, this seems to have the same symptoms as experienced in 2.3.2

Are you making sure you’re ticking the new playlist in the sync manager before you export them? They aren’t active by default so won’t be added to the drive.

I don’t know if this helps cause syncing never falis me when;

All the tracks are on one dedicated drive, in my case C:/music and the database also.

Then sync to which ever drive you want.

Adding tracks to wich ever drive, harddrive or USB always sync to the main drive ( in my case C:/music and then all the drive you use more.

I use 3 USB sticks, a portable harddrive and Dropbox. Engine nevers fails.

Many thanks for your reply, yes I am.

Thanks for your reply. To to be honest until tonight with the exception of a problem in a previous version nor have I. I have 7 prime units all with mirrored drives in them. Don’t use online content only use mp3 files and have been using the prime series since launch. Something has happened since I updated drives last Friday to this Friday but what. It doesn’t mater which drive from which player I try I get the same result won’t even drag and drop, the only thing that has happened since then is a windows 10 update

Could you trial formatting one of your drives and doing a clean export to see what happens?

I only ever use the SSD in my prime 2 and it’s been rock solid so far, I’m also on Mac though so not helpful at all for your situation.

Thanks for getting back to me. I did a scan on the drives without reformatting it and came back clean. I will reformat one of them but having so many USB, SD and SSD drives I find it difficult to believe they all causing this issue SD & SSD Sandisk extreme Pro, USB Samsung Fit plus 3.1 128GB

Yeah it sounds like an issue with the desktop app… what about running a cleanup on there beforehand?

Hi, I tried the turning off, turning on again, Library lean up, check the drive and as you say I will try reformatting a drive to see what the result is. Still feel there is a windows compatibility issue affecting engine DJ after the last update. Just to confirm no drives were connected to the computer during update and shut down. Just to recap PC windows 10

Hopefully some of the windows guys on the forum can chime in for you. There are a few with relative expertise on that platform, weekends are quiet as lots are gigging but they should jump in with some advice for you in the next couple of days.


I’ll tell you a story that occurred to me one of these days of formatting my PC! My PC ssd where is my music directory just changing the drive letter! Before it was E: now it was F:. That’s because I added Other SSDs on PC!

When I started the Engine, of course, I had to delete everything! Start from scratch, because all the songs turned red!

But everything went crazy when I went to sync everything again and updated to my players! The player 2 I installed a new ssd so I synchronized it first, ok! But… The ssd of player 1 that already had the ssd synchronized, when I went to ask to update new playlists, it simply deleted everything and only synchronized the new lists!

I was racking my brains for hours because I couldn’t sync everything! I only went to new ones and only 3 playlists appeared in the player and nothing more!

I had to format the ssd! For some reason it was tied to the old playlist, which was in another directory in Windows, in the case of E:. As the drive had changed F: this caused the library of both the PC and the one that was already in the internal ssd already synchronized, to be broken! Because of this, because I deleted everything and started from scratch, dragging the folders from the new F: directory, the ssd of player 1 had all playlists and songs deleted! Very strange!

Here is the alert if someone changes the letter of the drive where your songs are on the pc!

Thanks for the heads up on this one. I have now reformatted one of the drives and reloaded the collection via sync, now I have no playlists or smart crates at all. ( yes I have checked the boxes :grinning:) So to confirm, after re formatting the drive sync will only add collection.

Is the ‘drives’ on the desktop app empty with the drive connected then? And did it look like it was adding the tracks when you were syncing the drives (progress bar updating)?

All the playlists are in the Engine app as usual, when you select in sync on the desktop side it shows all folders selected, then press sync and everything looks normal and when completed only the main collection is transferred no playlists or crates. To confirm this is the action on a newly re formatted drive.

This issue has happened before in 2.3.x in October 22, (see thread titled Exported files not showing on USB drive) 1.6 K views

Another day , another Playlist not syncing post.

Back up all your engine library folders.

Try either

  1. Nuke and rebuild your main/desktop collection.


  1. Upload the desktop Library to Lexicon, then Lexicon back to Engine DJ. You can test with one months sub.

Have you done a complete rebuild of your collection in line with any of the DB upgrades? (I think 2.0 was the major one, and a less major one since).

Yes.all updated as it should be.

I have one way of managing music only as follows

1 All music purchased through iTunes 2 Music converted in iTunes to mp3 format 3 Music sorted into genre sub folders 4 Music added to Engine DJ collection and playlist 5 Music then synced to master drive used to make any updates

I don’t use any other DJ software or programs to move music around nor any streaming services ie Tidal / Beatport

My music is totally clean

lol if you’re gonna be snarky about it you could at least offer a better solution than literally delete your entire library

unfortunately i do not have any other solution other than the two i suggested.

could contact support though, they may have other solutions.

While trying tonight to resolve this issue I figured what I would do is delete the playlists that I had made for functions this week from Engine DJ as this is the only thing I have done to it since last week when up until then everything was fine. I had my main drive connected to the software although the playlists were not on the drive when I tried to delete them from Engine DJ they would not delete. When I removed the drive I was able to delete them. I then made a playlist called test with no music in and tried to sync again but no luck and also tried to delete this playlist with the same results. Just don’t get it. Note after deleting playlist ran library clean up