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So i recently had my SC5000’s delivered and at first everything was perfect using sync mode. Sometimes i dont have the opportunity the mix with headphones so will use this feature in this case. I have made sure the the beat grids are set up perfectly on my tracks playing between the SC5000s and X1800 mixer. I did the test of playing the same track on both players, and then when i press sync they are completely out of time. it seems like one player is slightly slower or a slight delay or something in trasnferring the sync data. I dont get how this was fine a few days ago, and has all of a sudden started to happen. The only thing that has changed was updating my engine prime software to 1.5 and syncing some new tracks across to the Hard drive for the players. Apart from that nothing has chnaged. Could it be the mixer response? Please advise, i have a live stream coming up which is the reason i bought these, and now im stressing out.

Video showing my issue: - YouTube

Hi @nicosrugeris, welcome to the forum!

Couple of small things:

You play the track from Tidal. Please try using a track from local storage first. Instant Double that track and let it play to see if it still goes out of sync.

Engine Connect is OFF on your mixer. The mixer has therefore no 123bpm set; it even fluctuates. At least turn on Engine Connect.

Also quantize is OFF. Are you certain the loop is correct? (The left shows 64 and the right 16, but it looks both are 16)

Again, test with Instant Double first.

Hi @Reese,

Thanks for the response, after checking instant doubles on local music from the HD, it worked perfectly using the same song. Doing the same thing using TIDAL i had the drifting issue again, which made me think to try deauthorizing my account on both players and try again. This still didn’t work.

I eventually realised that one player was taking longer to download the songs from TIDAL then normal, making me realise that one player was set to a higher streaming quality then the other (High 320 / HiFI). Making these both the same fixed the issue thank god with Engine Connect turned on the mixer. Before i had the players connected directly (hence why no engine connect), so connected the ethernet straight into the mixer instead to activate this.

Thanks for all your help.

Nice one! Happy mixing.

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