Sync not letting me sync (Computer to Prime 2 Internal Drive)

Simple, sounding, issue and I’m pretty tech savvy but I can’t get my head around something. I just installed 3.3 and before that I was using my Prime Drive as my ‘main’ collection and my computer drive to sync back and forth to but that felt wrong so I’ve now changed it so my main drive is on my computer HD and I export everything to my prime drive.

The Issue I have now is I have an internal 500gb Hard disk in my Prime2 which is more than big enough for everything I have music wise, but when I try to sync playlists/music etc to my prime I get this:

The same music on my main drive is on my prime2. It states quite clearly if I unclick my ‘music’ folder…


So if I untick my music folder… which is where all my music is… Will it delete everything bar the contents of my playlists (Not good as I open format DJ and I could use anything on the night) I just need this to sync before tomorrow and can’t really wait the 3 or so hours for it to sync across from scratch if I clear out my prime drive.

Bit lost here, seems so mad, I just want to copy over the playlists for the music already on the darn drive.

Given up and am just deleting the engine dj folder on my prime drive, has almost 50,000 files on there when I have 36,000 music tracks so it’s already doing weird stuff. sigh

Happened to me a few times, format the SSD and reload your collection. The devs are aware of the problem.

Yeah thought that was the case. It should be a really simple file job that they’ve messed up…

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I’ve been trying to pin down how it happens but can’t.

It’s only happened to me about 3/4 times so far.

Just seems insane, it wants to duplicate every file every time you sync… But this is the first time in 2 years it’s happened to me.

Yeah it’s a random one definitely, on the plus side it forces us to format and reload our collection periodically which is never a bad thing. I have no idea what causes it though.