Sync new additional music to playlists

Hi guys,

When I add new music to my Apple Music playlist, then refresh it it on the Mac engine I can see the new music - all good.

Can there be a button somewhere to add the additional music to the same playlists in the collections?

I am having to constantly delete the playlist from the collection and re add again.

Sometimes you go to gigs and as you have lots of playlists you forgot to delete and re add again.

Any easy solution for this?


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This is a well known problem for a long time.

  • You add music to the library, you rearrange files, move files to other directories, change directory structure
  • your playlists of course do not reflect these changes. We must maintain every playlist manually.

Therefore, I do the following:

  • I do not use playlists
  • I tag files with markers in comment-tag.
  • I have Smartlists that go for certain markers or combination of markers.

When I rearrange things, I do not need to do anything. Also when I delete stuff.

When I add new material, I use a mp3-tag editor to add the according markers.

Of course, for certain situations I use the playlists: preparation, continuous playing etc.

My 2 cents…

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IMO the solution is not to involve Apple Music!

Once you’ve downloaded tracks from an online store to your hard drive, import them directly from the drive to Engine DJ rather than adding them to the Apple software first, then trying to import from the software.

I think the import options in Engine DJ are for one-off use, to get your collection into Engine. From that point on, use Engine.

My back up is on a mac.

By using Apple Music I have everything synced with iTunes Match.

Currently I use the mixstream pro.

I am going to make a big purchase on a standalone.

Might toy with rekordbox to see if the same issue before the big commitment.

The playlist does sync in engine but just won’t put the changes across to collection.

So in theory the changes are seen by engine but I have to delete and reimport. Surly that can be an automatic programmed when you click sync.

The same issue affects all third party libraries being imported to Engine DJ.

I manage my library in Serato DJ and will continue to do so because I use both softwares gig dependent. Some times in one gig I will use both - Warm up with Engine DJ, rock the peak time with Serato and then switch back to engine DJ for the party closing bit. 6000m + DJMS11.

I have a long standing request for a user option to update existing playlist. Like a check box when library importing.

It even affects dragging and dropping folders from the computer direct to engine DJ

Eg today you drag “top40” folder to your engine DJ , next week you added two more files to that folder, if you drag and drop top40 again ….it will show up as “top40 2”. Then you either leave both or delete one. Redundant.


I’ll go even further! They should have already learned from TRAKTOR! Look! I use Serato too, but in Serato, I use Serato Sync (if anyone wants, I’ll leave the link), as Serato Sync is a Java script that reads your entire library and creates CRATES mirroring your library folders in Praça!

I’ve always used it like this, because I like to have my entire music library for quick access and already analyzed! I used this in Traktor, because in Traktor, just below the playlist section there is the folder tree on your PC, and you can navigate through the folders easily and there is the option to add new tracks to the menu by clicking with the right mouse button. collection! Once in the collection, you access your PC library with the analyzed tracks!

Ok, but this is for those who play with the software, right? But this would be great for what I do too, which is exporting my entire PC library in playlist format to have all my music in their respective directories on the internal SSDs of my 2 sc6000!

My work is great when I update several folders with new music on my PC! I have to open the Windows explorer and drag the new downloaded tracks to their respective playlists in the ENGINE, and then synchronize them with the players’ SSDs!

I found the CRATES part that was separate from PLAYLISTS much more interesting in the old software and OS! For those who do like me, use the mirror of their PC library on external drives or the player’s internal SSDs, it would make it easier!

Vote for the feature

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You can avoid this by dragging the files only. Do not drag the folder.

YES! This would be a great time and brain saver!

It might be nice for our InMusic overlords to give us forum old-timers some more votes to use. : )

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That sounds like a an idea.

Arrange by date added and drag new files to playlist.

Need to give it a try.

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Great idea but does not suit my workflow.

I still manage by library in serato and bounce it to engine dj.

I would really like to know the quickest way to do this too. I have lots of playlists in Apple Music - Tech House / Deep House / Old Skool / Balearic etc to which I am adding tracks all the time. It’s fairly time consuming to drag the new tracks for all the playlists each time. Has anyone figured out a quicker way of doing this? Sorry to harp on about Rekordbox but it would sync and update the playlists to reflect what was going on in Apple Music - but Engine makes you create new separate playlists in it’s own library… It would be good to be able to select Engine library in Sync manager and just sync the playlists in one go…

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As well as the @mufasa I also use Serato. I also use traktor, so there are already two more libraries that I have to update, but in traktor I select an option and new songs from my PC library are added to the trakort collection, analyzed and I use the PC powder software folders to play! Simple. In the serato, as I already mentioned, I use serato sync to update my CRATES! This serato sync is a beauty! I can’t live without!

So, I access these libraries also in the Engine! But… Is that it?! You can’t do anything but access! And that I think is ridiculous! The engine only reads the libraries and nothing else! Could the Engine then in addition to reading the libraries that are already there ready and updated, give us the option to use these libraries to export to our USB devices and internal SSDs from our players! No? Imagine the ease? But no! They only give us the possibility to add the playlist manually 1 by 1!! I hate it! This workflow was supposed to be well polished!

Sometimes I wonder if the devs are djs! If they use the tools they develop!

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