I do not fully understand how the Sync/Master buttons work. I have no problems getting Sync to work but the Master button does not appear to do anything. It comes on when Sync is on on Either deck and off when Sync is off? What am I missing? Still loving the decks I just don’t fully understand the Master button. Shouldn’t it just be on on the first deck I hit Sync or Master on?

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To set the MASTER the deck needs to be in SYNC mode. Even one deck. Click SYNC on the deck that needs to be MASTER. Then click MASTER. On other decks only click SYNC to sync them to the MASTER. If You want a different deck to be MASTER, just click it on that deck.

Thanks for the quick response. This is how I expected it to work. What is actually happening is, when I hit Sync the master button also lights up as on. Then when I hit Sync on the other deck the Master light also comes on. It is as if Sync and Master are one button. if I turn Sync button off on one deck Master goes of two. Master is Never lit up by itself and does nothing when pressed. Haha. I am making this sound complicated but I fully understood your response on how irt should work.

Yes, because SYNC is ON, Master is half lit

Great. Thanks. I will have another look after work. I do think The Sync and Mater buttons could be brighter. Especially for day time use.

Props to you for trying to get sync to work- I gave up on that trash feature day 1 and been mixing by ear since. Have fun beat-gridding your entire library though… it ■■■■■ they don’t incorporate a sync feature like VDJ which can actually pick up on the measures instead of manually needing to adjust every track.

In regards to the brighter buttons, that’s a fact. Most of my gigs are outside at a ski resort and I can never see ANYTHING!!!

Agree. But the sync/master solution is terrible imo.

Its a tough one for Denon though. Lots of people complain about bright buttons & lots of people complain about dull buttons. I have always thought it funny that people that work in clubs or mobile DJs are offended by flashing or bright lights. I find the Sync and beat gridding OK but not a patch on Traktor. If the Gridding was as accurate a Traktor it would be killer. Its not a big deal for me just to tweet a mix.

I posted about this a while ago and I think it was misunderstood.

I agree. There are two main issues I see with sync.

  1. The ‘master’ button does nothing.You can’t force a change of the master. It only changes from one deck to another when the master player stops playing (track ends or you press ‘cue’). The button does nothing,

  2. It often jumps large %s at a time on the pitch. What should happen is that you have to move the slider to the existing tempo in order to ‘takeover’ the pitch control on that player that is now the mater. But in reality what happens is that if the master player stops playing and the player that becomes the master is not at the same speed, the pitch jumps a huge amount as soon as you touch the slider on the new master player. The ‘takeover’ happens early, it doesn’t wait for you to get the slider to that speed.