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Can anyon explain to me why Sync Manager needs to re sync existing playlist everytime I add a new folder?

I’m currently importing my large database for the first time, as Engine DJ couldn’t cope with Syncing it all at once I was advised by support to do a playlist at a time, now the further I get down the list the longer it takes as it then wants to re calculate the size and resync those that I have just done, this work flow does not make any sense to me, with Serato for instance the system will only update what’s changed and Engine DJ should be the same, at this rate it will take me hours to sync as the total playlist size obviously gets bigger each time.

Denon really need to think this through or have a setting where you tell sync manager to leave the current files in place and only add what’s changed.


I couldn’t agree more with this post. I can’t believe Denon didn’t think about this. I have a massive collection & every time I want to add a couple of new songs, I need to export my Entire collection again! This takes forever & is a massive pain in the ass! Please Denon, give us a way to simply update our collection instead of export the entire thing. The way it works now is just plain crazy!!

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Simple solution - don’t use Sync Manager!

If I remember correctly, originally there was no Sync Manager but it was added after people complained about having to drag and drop.

The problem is that it doesn’t live up to its name. It only syncs one way and it barely manages anything.

Problem is you have to use Sync manager if you want to use Soundswitch

It’s not mandatory. You can also use Soundswitch without Sync Manager. You just have to remember to script the new track you added using the SoundSwitch software.

The Denon manual saids that Soundswitch information is not bundled with the tracks so you have to use Sync to get that on the internal SSD of the prime 4 is that definitely not the case? Can I have my playlist structure and all my tracks which I have run through Soundswitch copied to the prime 4 via drag and drop to drives?

Yes, in fact the scripts associated with each track are stored in the soundswitch project directory not in the Engine database nor in the MP3 files. If you use the soundswitch software and use your collection on your remote drive (USB stick or internal HDD) to generate the scripts, then they will be associated with those tracks. To generate the scripts you don’t have to use the tracks from your main collection, ie those on your PC.