Sync lights to music using soundswitch or dmx with Sc6000M and third party Mixer (DJM 2000)

Hello friends,

I am currently using two SC6000M with a Pioneer DJM 2000 mixer for private events. And I’m looking for a solution to make my lights play in sync with the music. For the lights I use Jbsystems Challenger BSW moving head and Stairville BossFX2 lightbars (similar to the gigbar move from chauvet). Sometimes I can also rent some battery LED par.

I would like to set up a system that is quick and easy to use without having to do complex DMX scene programming.

The first option that comes to my mind would be to use SoundSwitch. From what I understand I would need, just the dmx Soundswitch micro interface. My mixer not being an x1850 it can’t communicate with soundswitch and can’t concentrate the beat information collected by the SC6000M. So do I need two soundswitch dmx micro adapters, each one connected to one of the SC6000M or can I use one soundswitch adapter on one SC6000M and connect it to the second one via ethernet?

Do I need to have a computer with the soundswitch license next to it since my table does not support Engine Lighting? In this case, how are the Sc6000M connected to the computer ? via USB or ethernet ?

My djm 2000 has a Midi out that can send the detected BPM. This is originally designed to connect this to another midi device like a sampler that is able to get this tempo information to synchronize with it.

Is there a way to send this BPM information through the MIDI out to some other software or hardware that will then be able to use this midi clock to synchronize the lights with the BPM transmitted by the mixer?

Is there any other simpler solution that I would not have thought of knowing that I do not want to replace my mixer by an x1850 for reliability reasons?

I believe you can use the desktop app with non supported midi mappable mixers.

Then map the line faders and cross faders of your mixer to Soundswitch desktop app.

Best to send the guys at soundswitch an email to confirm this

Here ya go