Sync lead change

Hi everyone, with the new version oft V2 Os my prime 4 is going very well but… I appreciate the fact I can see now the sync lead dec but there not possibility to change the lead from one dec to the other… or I can’t find the way. Thank you to everyone that can give me the solution. Gian Luca

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You can select LEAD SYNC using the two large blue icons on the waveform. If you don’t see this big icon, it means that you have to go into your user settings and activate the parameter that says “Always make LEAD SYNC button visible” (or a phrase about the same).


I’ll try it, thank you mate :grin::pray:t2:

I have exact same probelm, I can see buttons on wavefrom, but when i touch it - it does nothing…i am on Prime 4…is that a bug ?

Once activated the sync lead button from the menu you can see it on the wave form, than you can select what deck will be you sync lead just touching it (the button became blue) than you need to press the physical button on your console for synchronising your songs…

Only way i can make it blue, its when i turn off ableton link, then touching it would activate it, but whater i enable ableton link its gets grey, and i can not activate it anymore, touching it does nothing…:frowning:

Ableton link is a different type of sync and it takes over the priority. You can use one type of sync at the time.

Does not make sence, as i still should be able to set Master when ableton link is activated… or not ?

Actually it started to make sence, after reading this Thanks

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Ableton link does not change the master unless the Master is out of the link session.

Hey guys How do I turn off Sync Lead on my prime 4! Only one of my tracks automatically has it set and it never had it on there before! It messes up my transition to my next track! I’ve checked all my settings and also on denon engine on my laptop. Maybe I’m missing something?

@PKtheDJ any ideas

Have you read the manual? The latest User Guide covers use of sync, including turning on/off.

Could you give me a link please! Im mainly talking about specifically the “Sync Lead Function”. I have looked everywhere for any information on it but no luck. Just finding things about regular sync button. Thank you