Sync itunes playlist on engine prime collection

I have all my library songs in ITUNES, where I have all my songs organized in different playlist that I keep updating every day (adding new songs and moving songs from one list to another according the genre).

My question is, once I moved all my playlist from Itunes to collection in engine prime, how can I make an easy update/sync of any changes on my itunes lists or added songs? For example, if I have two playlists on my itunes that have been moved to the engine prime collection, and then I add 5 more songs in the second playlist in itunes, do I need to move again the whole two playlists from itunes to engine prime to get the changes updated? There isn’t an easy way to update any change in the itunes library and then automatically the engine prime collection and playlists gets updated?

How is it possible that there isn’t a solution or a way for this? If there is not a solution, every time I add new songs to my itunes library will need to move my whole itunes library again to my engine prime to get the changes updated? And the same for moving songs from one list to another? For example, if i have two playlists on my itunes, and once I moved the list to the collection, SONG-A was just in the first playlist. Some days later, I decide to move SONG-A to the second playlist as well in Itunes. How do I make to update this small changes/moves in my itunes to be done in my engine prime collection?

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This is easy bringing in, rubbish taking it. So, if you have new songs working the playlist, you can simply drag the entire contents of the playlist and it will only add the new tunes for you. The issue comes when you remove tracks, as there is nothing to indicate that the track is no longer in iTunes. Rubbish I know!!

No official way I’m afraid. There are paid third party solutions that will keep itunes and Engine prime in sync.

For now think of Itunes sync as a one time operation.

There are requests to redesign this to allow incremental updates

and this as well

Click on those links and vote for the request

Liked your two feature requests @mufasa . I’m really bummed with my Prime Go purchase if Prime Engine doesn’t have automatic iTunes syncing. What are the best third party solutions out there? I might return mine Go if I don’t find something that works for me.

It is incredible that this has not yet been implemented. For me it takes like 3-4 hours to update my Engine DJ collection if I make any changes in, even though it’s just one new track in one playlist, since Engine needs to re-read the entire drive each time. I have a big music collection.

I just need to update that one playlist. I think all other DJ software does this on the fly, or?

I am also (just like @muzachary ) curious which third party solutions there are to immediately sync (iTunes) playlists with Engine DJ, can you send a link @mufasa ? Thank you!

I don’t get, why it’s still not implemented?! This is my BIGGEST issue since 2 years now and there still hasn’t been any progress. Forget all the other fancy features, this is a MUST HAVE. I don’t care about all the rest before this has not been solved…

I’m currently using Pioneer’s Rekordbox Sync Manager, since my Denon SC6000 can still read them alright. But this is far from a good solution.

And why have the two requests linked by @mufasa been deleted if they haven’t been solved yet? Now there is now way to vote for such feature.

C’mon Denon, you can do better!

I am having the same issue. I just recently redid my entire library using iTunes and as usuals the videos Denon puts out to try and help us never go into detail about what they show us. I have roughly an 84,000 song library and a 4TB internal SSD which grows weekly. I did not realize and no where does Denon tell you that you need to import the entire collection even if it’s only adding say 10 tracks to your library this is ridiculous to do it this way. I mean unless I’m missing something it’s the only option to get new songs into the lobrsry and into the prime 4 . I have folders and inside those folders I have several playlists, if I’m only working with adding songs to one of those playlists why can’t we just import that single playlist instead of having to the import the entire collection over again before using sync manager to get the new songs into the prime 4 why can’t you guys make this much simpler, easier, and faster to do. Please help looking for answers or a work around if anyone has found one until it gets fixed thanks.

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incremental updates of third party playlists/crates is not a feature yet.

There are several work around premium and elbow grease method

  • Elbow grease - keep track of the folders that contain new tracks, then delete just that folder/playlist in Engine DJ, then reimport your itunes/apple music collection. It should be faster than nuking your engine collection and reimporting, as it should only look for new tracks and playlist that are not in engine already to add.

Caveat - it may overwrite your hotcues/loops etc.

Alternative elbow grease, delete all playlists/folders in Engine and re-add your itunes/apple music collection.

  • Premium - use Lexicon or any other third party DJ library manager which works with itunes and engine dj.

There is a feature request to allow recursive library updates

Vote if its what you need.

Its a royal pain in the perineum

I would have to agree if the iTunes library is moved into engine DJ by hitting the refresh icon. (Which it is) why do you need to then import as playlist on every single playlist?

This should be simple iTunes does an amazing job of keeping things up to date and organized as far as the library is concerned I’m not sure there is a better one out there for organization of your music library. However the second step to have to import the playlist seems unnecessary if it’s already pulling it into the engine DJ software right?

Why do the process twice? Once you click the refresh or update icon to pull your iTunes library into engine DJ it should also make it available in engine DJ without have to do that hole import playlist again. Another words it should do the importing of the music,the playlists, and analyzation all with 1 click of the icon.

After this long process of getting your library into the engine DJ software then to have to go back and import each playlist and it takes even longer to do this, it should be one button press and it should do everything for you it should also be fast and easy to add me music into the library after this is done but it’s again a long drawn out process . Why is it this way and is there any plans on making this quicker, simpler, and easier to do? without so many steps involved? Any info on this would be extremely helpful. I am not looking for the delete the playlist and rename it something else option.

I’m looking for answers that makes our lives easier not ones that require us to sit there and wait for days to get our playlists undated and imported into engine DJ which u fortunately is the current process. Thanks in advance.

I’d go with these guys:

Engine Dj is clunky and unreliable. These guys have some level of automation once set up. Plenty of guides from the creator, backed up with good support.

I’d go with these guys:

Engine Dj is clunky and unreliable. These guys have some level of automation once set up. Plenty of guides from the creator, backed up with good support.

Both links appear to be broken.

They have been archived

Any news on this topic? New on the Denon Hardware - loving it so far. But these kind of limitations give me pioneer vibes I actually tried to avoid.

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