Sync Issue 2 (minor) Additional Lead Light

Sync Issue 2 (minor) Additional Lead Light

On the SC6000 there is an optional extra display that shows the lead player this sync lead that is directly over the wave form over on the left, blue when it’s the lead player and grey when it is not is an optional display that you can either have or not have, it’s the users choice.

This is turned on or off by going into User Profile 6th line down “Always Show sync lead button”.

The fault it comes on even when turned off, however I have found the trigger for this and reported it to Denon’s technical support.

The trigger is if you are playing a track on layer “A” then select a track on layer “B” the second you enter it ready to be played the additional light comes on.

If you have experienced this please put it on this forum and tell Denon’s support.