Switching over from pioneer to denon

hey guys, im thinking of selling my pioneer xdj rx2 to move over to the prime 2 because of all the beautiful features.

but does the prime 2 really have so much problems that im seeing on this forum?

As the owner of a Prime 4 I would say that there aren’t any major problems. The products do what they’re supposed to do. I’m very happy indeed with my Prime 4 and don’t regret buying it for a second.

Are there any particular things which concern you?


mainly screen freezing issue and waveform lagging that im seeing on the prime 2

the rx2 always had a waveform trying to catch up to each other even though its in time and the software and features are just boring now

the prime 4 was my initial choice but i do fly around alot between cities. do you travel alot with your prime 4 on flights? if so, how did it go?

I’ve never noticed any screen freezing or waveform lagging on my Prime 4, and I’ve had it since June 2020. I’ve used it both in standalone and as a controller for VirtualDJ.

Since buying it, I regularly stream 3-5 hour shows without issue.

I have a flightcase for it but haven’t been gigging since the whole Covid thing started, so it’s not been on the road (or in the air).

ah okay, thanks for your input bro. ill definitely take the leap of faith with the prime 4

It’s the same as sitting in the Spare Parts department of your nearest Rolls Royce dealership for an hour…. Wow! Do Rolls Royce really need so many spare parts? Swap “Rolls Royce” for any other brand of any other product and you’ll get the same.

Also… in the last 3 weeks Denon have brought out two versions of firmware releases and a software release! So, there’s even more discussion about features than at other times. As the version numbers suggest, there was a huge leap from version 1.6 of 9 or 10 months ago, right up to the dizzy heights of version 2.0 and 2.0.1

Everything is moving in the right direction and at an incredibly fast speed now!

If Denon only brought new features to its customers by launching a whole new lump of hardware, then there wouldn’t be much talk at all about Prime 2

Prime 4 and Prime Go user here.

I work on a cruise ship so bought a flightcase (Swan) and a hard bag (UDG) and it’s been great. Admittedly I get on and off in the UK but I’ll check it in if I ever have to.

You’ll not regret the Prime 4. It’s first class.

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thats the thing, i live in south africa and being honest they don’t care much for how they load luggage on and off the plane.

that’s my fear of having to check it in. im not planning on getting the hard flight case but rather the udg travel hard bag

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I can second what @PKtheDJ said. Absolutely love my P4. Been DJing for over 30 years and my milestone purchases:

  • Technics 1200’s (80’s)
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000’s (2000’s)
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX (2010’s)
  • Denon DJ Prime 4 (2020)

All gamechangers for me.

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Funnily enough these are also my milestone purchases. I’ll add the Novation Twitch to that too.

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Don’t worry, look into Pio foruns and you’ll see a ton of problems too.