Switching dj’s on 2x sc5000 + rane 72

I’m eyeing the 72 but I’m wondering how switch overs work with controllers plugged into the USB ports.

Do they also act like a switch for controllers to direct which computer to connect to?

No, controllers are not switchable between computers.

I read in the user guide that switching usb decks ejects whatever was connected to that usb-a port so that the second computer can use it.

So, theoretically, channel 1 on the mixer uses deck A usb-a port and channel 2 on the mixer uses deck B usb-a port. Only the deck selector on the dictates which computer has access to those ports. Maybe I’m reading it wrong?

Has anybody tried it?

As far as I see, the manual of 72, says, that no usb drives should be connected to the internal usb hub. But there is nothing about the info if the HUB is directed to USB A or USB B if the channel input selector is set. Could be, that each usb 1 and 2 are assignable by internal menu of the mixer to be selective, or constantly assigned to the usb B - A or B ports. Need someone with the 72 here to help more…

This what I read about it’s assignable properties:

“Industry first – assignable USB controller inputs” for RANE TWELVE motorized control turntable

And this for how it works using a usb drive as an example:

Important: Do not connect USB drives to these ports. Switching the Deck Source knob will force eject the drive from the connected computer, which could damage the contents and should be avoided.

It seems like people who buy these dual sound card mixers only use it alone.

Gotta wait for someone to test it out to see.