Switched from NXS2 system to Denon SC5000’s and Rane MP2015

After spending approximately 6 months with one SC5000 as my 3rd and 4th deck in an nxs2 based system I made the decision to #upgrademydjsetup.

Main features that finally made me decide to switch:

2 layers (2 decks in one) Cue behavior (momentary/continuous) Track analysis without having to use a laptop 8 pads that I can get to without needing to toggle Fast loading of tracks once selected

There are many other features however the above 5 were what made me decide to switch.

Personalizing the center ring with logo/album artwork are a nice touch, as well as changing the colors of your layers; the decks are also very attractive.

After testing the decks side by side and conferral with Pioneer and Denon about current and future hardware software features I decided to go 100 percent with Denon DJ.

I’ve been with Pioneer DJ for many years and never thought I’d see the day that I’d switch to anything else but Denon made a technologically superior machine that just cannot go unnoticed or ignored.

And it works perfectly with Serato DJ now as they promised upon launch.

If anyone is on the fence or has any questions about switching I’d be happy to talk to you.

Here are some pictures of the journey.

And here is a link with the first official performance with the Rane MP 2015 and the SC5000’s.

The fun has just begun…


that’s a great rig :star_struck: now you just need adequate speakers to wrap it up :sunglasses:

The KRK’s actually have a very good overall sound.
I have a pair of Event 20/20BAS in my recording studio (18 years) and the KRK’s sound just as good.

If we are talking about full sized speakers for events/venues there are so many different brands to chose.

I am open to suggestions though if there are better monitors than the event 20:20 bas and KRK’s.

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I have the KRK Rokit 5’s. Just a TAD low on the lows. Have tried the 6s, they seems just a bit better suited. Should I upgrade (not anytime soon) I will probably move to the V6 or VXT 6. Different price point though. At that price point there is quite a bit more choice too.

Welcome aboard! Sidenote: that MPC 2015 is a brilliant mixer–the multimode filter is sonic gold.

well that mostly depends on how tolerant your neighbors are :stuck_out_tongue:

It is quite a fantastic mixer. Different in feel as far as the potentiometers compared to the Urei but I get a fantastic sound out of it. I have the Urei connected to the session input; so that free’s up the effects loop on the Urei where i have the seperate isolator/crossover connected and i can use the filters and effects through the submix channel.
Sometimes I just want to use the Urei and this current setup allows me to use the best of both.

What I wouldn’t give for black beauty pots in the mp 2015.

Inmusics acquisition of Denon and Rane is serious; The Akai MPC series and pads designed for the Ableton Push controllers and Numarks NS7 II and III.

Pioneer DJ who??? Not a chance.


Interesting to see you here, after all :slight_smile:

If you want to change the feel of the MP2015’s pots, try some 6x1,5 O-rings (can found on ebay for cheap, 6mm diameter x 1,5mm thickness, like these: O-rings). They add a nice resistance and also circumvent the wobbly feel especially found on the smaller knobs.

Lol Kevin

I’m a tough critic with the gear I buy and test, re-test and troubleshoot then get on the phone and social media to try and get things resolved. I’m not always satisfied with the answers/solutions and may dig in more than I should but my intentions are to improve things and sometimes people on the other side are in denial or a bit rude about things and that’s where things go wrong.

I settled in after spending time with these decks and the mixer (and away from techs trying to resolve issues) and found what worked for me. Stepped back and took a deep breath because psychologically I realized how atayachdd i was to thebkthee gear but there was no denying how much i was using the Denon deck when it came down to performing live and I said I need another one and that’s all she wrote.

Man thanks for that info with improving the feel of the knobs on the Rane! So these knobs just lift right up?
I’m all over this one if so; I don’t mind the smaller knobs, just the main ones on the bottom.

You can pull off the knobs easily, just mind that they don’t have a d-shaft. You need to re-align them properly after installing the o-rings. They add minimal height to the knobs, barely noticeable.

I have installed the rings on all pots except for the isolator, because I wan’t to turn those knobs fast.

You’re the man! I took a knob off last night to check it out.
I ordered a pack they’ll be here tomorrow, going to give it a shot.

Good stuff! Thanks for the tip!

I meant to tell you that the o-rings you suggested work like a charm.

Thanks again for this sweet hack!

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Cool. Glad you like it!

MP2015 and 2 x SC5000 is a dream combo. I had the pleasure of using these together a couple of weeks ago and was blown away with the sound quality and enjoyment I got out of the 2015.

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It is really an awesome pairing. The SC5000 with the dual layers and pads and the MP2015 is sonic/rotaryheaven.

The MP2015 seems to be the forgotten mixer.

It is a dream come true if you’re into tweaking sound. The submix channel is genius. This mixer isn’t for the cookie cutter fist pump DJ’s.

I don’t think it’s a forgotten mixer! But if I had the money for that kind of mixer it would go to the Model1.

I needed both analog and digital hookups, so for me the X1800 to pair with the SC’s was reasonably obvious.

I had a go with the model 1 and recently the ars 3500. I’ll stand by this comment and travel anywhere in nyc to test it side by side by anybody that doubts the MP2015 against the model 1 or the ars 3500. The model 1 requires a bit too much tweaking for my liking and it’s not a rotary, so forget that. Different strokes for different folks I guess but I’m good with my mp2015.

The x1800 is a great mixer in its own right. But…lol I need roster action for my House music.

I have no doubt the sound is great. Then again, I haven’t heard many that are better than the X1800. So this is apparently one. As said: “different strokes …”. When I started off 40 years ago I had the “fortune” of not having any other choice than using a rotary mixer. Til I got my first fader mixer and since then I have never looked back nor had any desire for anything rotary. I actually owned the Numark iDJ Pro for a while and sold it because I just couldn’t live with rotary channel gain.

It’s all about workflow I guess, but to me rotary means just before faders :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that the 5000s play nice with other mixers too though.

I think it was never popular in NL and BE. We had Dateq, D&R, Ecler, Rodec - all fader type mixers.

Rotary mixers were a UK and USA “thing” mostly.

Guess that must be it!