Sweep Effects Pot Loose

Hi Forum people,

I have an issue relating to my P4 sweep effects pot which id like your opinion on.

basically the pot on channel 2 feels like its loose in its housing, the securing nut below seems nice and tight but the central shaft section which the plastic cover goes onto seems to have allot more free movement than the others. The pot still functions as normal and doesn’t create any anomalies in the sound but it just feels like its just about to break.

This P4 unit is permanently installed at home so doesnt travel and ive been playing for around 20 years so have a good idea of how to care for my gear but this is odd.

Has Anyone else come across this before or possibly experiencing this already?

hoping that im being a little oversensitive with what should be normal function to be honest but i dont think i am.

The whole prime 4 is obviously still in warranty , in fact. I don’t think there’ be any prime 4 that aren’t in warranty yet. This means that you taking it to bits and having a look isnt a good option.

You said that the extra movement on that pot doesn’t affect your audio in any bad way. So I’d be thinking about leaving it as it is until the warranty has got a month left and then check it thoroughly again then. But, as you also don’t need the prime 4 for any disco use to customers, as you said that it only always stays at home, then it won’t matter if you send it off to get it looked at under warranty - if warranty covers cosmetic / non-performance affecting things.

I think you misunderstand, I have not taken it to bits as you imply despite my competency to do so and repair the product successfully but I am fully aware that such exploratory repair missions would void the warranty entirely and rightly so.

As im sure you are aware, the plastic button tops come off all of the pots including the up faders and also the cross fader but Im also aware that removing these does not void the warranty.

The reason i removed the plastic top initially was to see if it was damaged in anyway and to swap it with another but I got the same freeplay. I then thought that the securing nut below the top may not be fastened correctly but it definitely is because I am unable to move it with my fingers but there is still free play on the centre shaft of the pot which is not right.

This is the only pot on the whole unit that behaves like this so its definitely something that needs to be raised.

I agree with you in a way, it is a home use unit so it wouldn’t make a huge difference but at the same time, I’ve paid a for a product that i think may have an issue and im trying to find out if anyone else may have the same… there may after all be a batch that have dodge pots that denon arent aware of, hopefully not but at the same time, me shutting up until a month before the warranty is up is not great advice, even though i do appreciate you comments.

No, sorry. I didn’t mean that I thought that you had already taken it to bits. I meant that as the unit is still with a warranty, it’s not worth thinking about taking it apart in the future to look at the pot.

Sorry for not explaining properly

Ah fair enough… thats ok no worries…

No taking it apart is the last thing on my mind at the moment, but the at the same time, im enjoying using the console so dont really want to send it away if i dont have to.

Just curious if anyone else has the same issue?

yea my bass pot on ch 1 is the same . just looser but works fine . feels silly running it back for this issue but at the same time worries me for when warranty runs out