Swedich weddingdeejay

Swedisch wedding dj sens 1989. love playing for happy crowe. Mostly play for smaler events around 100 people. Just sold my mcx 8000 and orderd a Sc5000. Will start with one player first to see if I can do wedding gigs with only one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope this forum will be a great place for us djs… see you friends

A very warm welcome Tomaso - good to have you onboard

Thanks, i have orderd the SC5000 and was told that I get it this week. I sold my MCX8000 and are in urgent need of a player for a big event this weekend. Do you have any news about when the SC5000 will be delivred to us in Sweden. Right now Im in big trouble…:-1:

Sorry that you are too far away otherwise you could borrow my MCX8000. Me myself always have A backup system. My main controller is MCX8000 and I have a MC6000 Mk2 as backup. I also use the MC6000 when there is a too small DJ-booth.