Surprising wireless abilities in v1.3.2

After stumbling into this bug today I ran Resolume wirelessly for a 3 hour DJ session with almost no hiccups.

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And what were the hiccups ?

Nice find! I’m sure this will make sets interesting for us that do visuals.

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I wonder when we will have the ability to do videos… that’s why im still iffy about buying it

When the support for Serato DJ comes you’ll be able to run video from that but if it ever gets built into Engine then that would be the real deal.

what lightning equipment where you using… :slight_smile: thanks…


On a couple occasions in that three hour test 3-4 times, a video clip didn’t start when the linked track began to play. Also I had an instance I where one of the volume (opacity) faders stopped working for a period of 30 seconds or so

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