Suggestion : Read rekodbox usb database

It would be good that engine and the sc5000 can read the usb keys made with rekordbox

I do not think it’s a license issue because “rekordbuddy” does …

More dj would make the change

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It is (cough cough) strongly rumoured that the new version of Rekord Buddy will translate older databases such as Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox etc into Engine Prime …

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Do you know a rekordbuddy for windows? Or do you know if the workaround thru mixvibes work to import at least my playlist structure? I noticed metadata read issues after using rekordbox and mixvibes analysing the same files from the database on my laptop so i think i will copy all files to a portable disk and let prime do a fresh analyse and keep them there. Any thoughts or wise words?

The people behind rekordbuddy are working on a windows version. I don’t know when it will be finished. There isn’t even a beta out yet, but yeah … they are working on it!

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I just watched a YouTube video by Mix Master G who has written a utility that converts from Rekordbox to Engine Prime.

He says it’s not released yet (pending permission from Denon I guess) but it’s Mac only.

link to this video

Having such a utility on Mac only is excluding a massive number of people who want to DJ with the SC5000, but don’t want to stay on older DJ software systems

would agree but at least someone is trying to develop a tool, of which I would hoped for Denon would build into Engine as it does with Serato.

I would love to obtain this tool take my 10k plus songs analysed with rekordbox and walk over to my neightbor who owns a Mac…

Sorry no offence @DJ_Boothe but your comment struck a nerve…


I would prefer an option built in, too.

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looks like Mix Master G updated his conversion utility watch @

It’s getting better each time …