Sudden loss of mic on x1850

Has anyone suddenly lost the mic on the x1850 mixer? This has happened twice to me now in the middle of a set.

It’s a standard Shure mic, XLR out to MIC 1 in (XLR). It would work perfectly fine, then suddenly, in the middle of the set… nothing. Mic light is on, nothing else changed.

The mic’s switch is on (there are no batteries), i swapped with a known good cable in the middle of the set and nothing.

I also put my headphones into Mic 2 (1/4") just to check and it also doesn’t work. No signal whatsoever.

Rebooting the mixer didn’t help and I’m also on the latest firmware.

If anyone has any ideas how to download diagnostics from the mixer, I would be glad to investigate.

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Does the mic sound come back a few seconds/mins later?

I can’t think offhand of any other fx or settings which could stop mic sounds, especially if the output you’re using is the master out. If you were using booth out, or Rec out then there’s some other options but those are in the menu settings so unlikely you could accidentally change settings mid set.

No. It doesn’t come back. Not even after power cycling the mixer. There was no output at all. Normally speaking into the mic you could see output on the master VU meters. In this case nothing.

Then this is a bit confusing. Anyway, I don’t think you should do anything yourself if the mixer is under warranty.

But if it’s not and you can open it without liability, I would personally check if the mic board with preamp looks ok (cable attached, capacitors not blown, etc).

I’m not sure what’s meant by “this has happened twice now” when it’s also been mentioned that the mic doesn’t come back even after power cycling.

Do you mean that -sometimes- the mic comes back, sometimes not?

I’d rather try another mic before opening the mixer :roll_eyes:

Already tried two mics, a pair of headphones (as a mic), and different cables (XLR to input 1 and 1/4" to input 2). None of them worked.

I don’t have the same equipment, however, my my prime 4 keeps getting this issue, I’m going to check the Mike out this evening on other equipment to see if it’s the Mike.