Stuck in Looking for computer since FW update 1.3.1

Since I have updated my SC5000 to firmware 1.3.1 it now does not connect to the computer. Any ideas if this bug is happening to anyone one else as well as how it can be resolved. currently running on Mac Book Pro OSX Mojave 10.14.4

Hi @JohnnyMoon, we’ve not come across this before, could you please outline how you are connecting and checking this connection?

Is this for HiD control with Serato?

Thanks J

It turns out it is a glitch with my Mac. If i power down my Serato interface ie: controller before i quite serato my touch bar becomes inactive an the seratop controller nor the sc5000 is unable to connect with out restarting the entire computer. Any idea what might be causing that and how it can be resolved?

It’s not a Serato problem, rather a Apple and DJ Hardware manufacturer problem.

The X1800, Rane 72 and other similar class compliant audio devices do not have this issue.

I will guess your mixer or sound card requires a driver installation.

What mixer or controller are you using?

The work around

  • Quit Serato before unplugging the USB cable to your dj controller or dj mixer or dj sound card

  • Use a Thunderbolt 3 dock.