Struggling with SoundSwitch

I have been trying to give SS a go, I have mainly moving heads and scanners. It seems to me SS is mainly made with RGB capable lighting in mind, washes, up-lighters, color bars etc as it relys on a lot of repetitive colour fades.

As my lights have 8-10ish set colors, most of the auto generated programmes dont look very good, over the course of a 5 min song I may get 2 or 3 different colors if im lucky and I cant see any way to override this and create a more colorful show.

I have seen it run with up lighters and it looks great but it just doesnt seem to work very well with set pallet units short of creating a manual program for each track, am I missing something?

You can program your own autoloops. This is different from scripting individual track.

Yeah but then thats not using a lot of the power, I might as well carry on with my current DMX solution :frowning:

The issue I have is with the auto scripting and its lack of colours :frowning:

Here is an example:

This would probably show as only 2 different colours on a light with 8, 10 or 12 colours

I thought with a recent update you could actually choose a different color scheme

I think you can but I found it didnt make that much difference. I wouldn’t be too bad if there was a variation between tracks but I dont even seem to get much of that, it seems to go with the same handful of colors all the time.

Again this would only show as possibly 2 colours on my lights:

You selected the advanced DMX channel options for your fixtures? i mean some fixtures will have multiple dmx modes

Yeah, went for the highest channel profiles

Are you in the SS facebook group?

No, I will have a look, I did contact their support, they said there was a more colourful autoscript preset but that didnt really do much more.

You know how to create individual colours for each group or even each fixture? (how to overrule the Autoscripted stuff?)

Yeah but you cant set color on attribute cue’s. I basically want the auto-script to create more colorful programs it seems to create them with 4 max most of which dont show on my lights

Hmm okay.

Have you checked up on that the DMX chart for your fixtures are correct according to the values for the colours?

I had a issue once where I accidently send them an outdated (wrong) dmx chart.

Found the right one, and then they changed it and all my colours worked after that.

You also can Edit the presets in SOUNDSWITCH, so it will auto script with the chosen colorscheme and the selected attribute cues, next time you pick that Preset

No point joining cos every time you need help you have to wait for admin to except your post

Did you read rule 4 on their FB page?

This group is not the appropriate place to report crashes or technical issues with software or hardware. The support team is happy to help with any issues, please email

the SS Support FB group is very active with Denon Prime users.

better place to be active than here.

I have given up with it for the time being, my old trusty DMX software Freesyler works much better for my needs at the moment. Will look again in a year or two when they have added more features.

Have they said they’ll be adding more features?

I looked at sound switch six months back and it seemed little more than almost any other dmx program but with ability to get its beat grid tied to primes beat grid

I haven’t seen anything specific but I expect as they charge a monthly fee in some cases it would be under continuous development. Dont get me wrong it is really good software and the ability to create a show for specific songs is great its just the auto script program seems designed with RGB par cans etc in mind, not moving head/scanner type fixtures, so it creates very boring shows in my case.

Keep your head up bro, they just implemented a new “auto-script” skin which is called “lots of colours” … so the autoscript is putting in definetly more colours now, could be they way to go for you :slight_smile: The software is getting better in better since they are really close to the community.

Yeah I will probably try it again in a year or so as I said, I did try the “lots of colours” one but it still didnt do that much for me.

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