Stripped Screws on S3700 platter! Please help

I’ve made a post here and not only can I edit (or am not familir with the page) I can’t reply. anti-auto bumnp i understand!

Here is the post. with a little edit:

First of all these are my babies and I’ve had them for over 8 years or so when they first came out at $1200, brand new and have standed the test of time.

-1.) One of the screws on the platter is stripped, (not the screw itself, but where there phillips fits in to loosen/tighten. What can I do about this? I’ve noticed that loosing/tightenting makes a big difference and it seems over time I’ve too far. It’s super tight ant won’t budge. I’ve tried gripping with a rubber band and many other things to no prevail. ****Like someone mentioned, I tried using plumbers tape with as screw. Very practical idea for a lot of situations but didn’t work in this case. Before this I laid the rubber of a rubber band (several times, I try maybe 3 times a well with no avail.

-2.) What is the largest USB stick I can use with these? And can I link them? I’ve never gone higher than 4 to maybe 8 and I know I can link memo’s but what what about songs? Instead of going on DDJ manager, Just hit cues on the fly with the cable connectiong them, Save database and go back into it?

-3.) What is the lastest firmware? no brainer, but without looking I’m guessing mine is a 2020 lastest version I can’t seem to find any uppgrades.

ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! Thank you all for your support to the community and keep spinning,

Denon and Denon/inmusic community please help! I bought these fresh hot and LOVE them. They were the flagship. and next thing I knew they dropped in price signifgicantly and the next large platter took over, which seemed like only months. ASfter NAMM announced the 3700s as flagship.

PLEASE HELP., I don’t want to have to selll these for the SC line. I was so upset

Here are 2 original posts I can’t reply to or edit:

Fist I tred rubber bands and the as user rerquested pumpers tape. It’s so stripped.

I’m wondering if I can somehow break the platter and get the nipple off but from what I’e seen uder the hood it wouldnt work, unless I can find a small enough nosepliar to stwist the screw off, IF There is enough room there, I know the screws are small. and tha’ts IF i can buy extra screws and another 2 pairs of vinyl and slipmat while I’m at it.

I’m begging. I can cash app some one who can help.