Streaming through wifi working on one deck and not the other

I have a pair of SC6000Ms. I use them primarily with either an attached USB drive or (more commonly) an internal SSD inside one of them with both decks linked. Recently I’ve had a look at setting up streaming services. I’ve never had any previous interest in Tidal, spotify etc since I’ve never liked streaming services for personal use. Pretty much any song I want I have someplace I can get it to listen to offline. Anyway I figure there will be times at gigs where I might have a need to play a song I don’t already have so Tital etc could come in handy.

So I’ve set up and activated both Tital and Dropbox using the voucher/code that came with my devices. Set up a couple of playlists in Tidal to test it. On both decks I’ve turned on both tidal and dropbox in my settings. However, both work fine on one deck. On the other deck though, any time I try to connect to either Tidal or Dropbox I get a message that there is no connection. I know the connection does work on that deck though since it connects to wifi networks fine. I even updated that deck’s software recently using the wifi connection. I’ve checked right through preferences on both decks and could see no difference. the only obvious difference is that the one that isn’t connecting has the SSD drive inside of it.

Update I just tried Tital and Beatport on my Prime 2 and both worked fine on there also.