Streaming Sets

Hi Everyone,

Ive been streaming sets using my Pioneer mixer connected to laptop but have now upgraded to a Prime4. How do I do this using Prime4?


Need (a lot) more info:

What kind of set are you streaming? Audio? Video?

What’s the Pioneer mixer?

What software were you using on the laptop?

Hi, was using a djm800 & butt & OBS to stream mainly audio but also video now & then. Just have no idea how to setup my Prime 4 to stream via laptop.

Well you can’t stream over USB in standalone mode.

Easiest I reckon is to use the Prime 4 in controller mode with VDJ, which has the streaming stuff onboard (no need for OBS etc).

For just audio you could feed the Prime 4 (standalone) master output into whatever streaming software you have on your laptop, using a suitable audio cable/interface.

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I was thinking of using master xlr for speakers then the master phono to laptop then I have my audio in.

Prime 4 streamer here … i´m using RCA to 3,5mm cable for this, RCA Red/White is connected in master out and 3,5 jack is in line-in input on PC and it´s streaming through OBS, you can use software like VDJ, Serato etc but in my opinion when you buy unit like Prime 4, you want to run away from laptop djing, wishing you good luck pal !

3.5 jack plug is a terrible low grade audio connector compared to xlr, but it should be alright for streaming.

XLR input is not available on most cheaper sound cards, so or RCA or Jack only. Between RCA and Jack there is no difference in sound quality (connector is only a connector). For streaming purposes the sound quality of like mp3 is good enough. Mostly it gets compressed by the streaming software to 128kbps or even lower - depends on what server is it going thru later on and what the streaming service is doing with it to maintain fast transfer and optional quality.

When working properly they’re both ok but 3.5mm Are very heavy and badly balanced physically, meaning they are prone to the sockets getting wobbly and loose causing mono and crackles

Everything will break when used wrongly…

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Ok so you think that 3.5 jacks are wrong for this too? Just kidding.

I’m just highlighting that an xlr, even the ones without latching release mechanisms, feel so snug and well seated in their socket, compared to 3.5 jacks which always seem to have leverage applied to them by the weight of headphone cables etc

Well, a lot of devices uses Jack 3.5 and 6.3 and if operated correctly don’t fail for years. Of course there are also cheap crap far east made products, that will fail even when not touched… I seen XLR connectors fail a lot (stage lighting - working with it every day), maybe even more often than jacks…

Thanks mate, I think I was over thinking it in first place & thought it would work via USB. Phono master out to 3.5 line in on laptop works fine :blush:

I use this little bad boy. It’s cheap and works great.

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This has been my greatest purchase lol.

Plug and Play. The best 20 euros I’ve spent.

This reminds me to sell the irig which isn’t getting any use

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I agree, it’s brilliant and so cheap.

Check my video below:


Either use an audio interface like MOTU or Focusrite for high quality streaming; or if you want to use your phone as a streaming device because it’s the only camera you own, or you are on the go use something like an Evermixbox 4.

Evermix also interfaces with OBS on your PC as well. I have both an audio interface and the Evermix box and they both work well. If you have monitors already plugged into your main outs for sound, and no way to use the RCA main for stream sound, get an XLR to RCA adapter like below and and plug that into booth XLR and you got RCA output.

I second the recommendation for Virtual DJ. It’s great software, has a great community and support for a LOT of hardware. I use it with my SC6000 and x1850. Love it.