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So I’m trying to setup a livestream using the numark mixstream pro go. I run my xlr thru my mixer. From the mixer i run headphone jack to rca into my behringer interface into my computer. Using OBS i get the audio in but it sounds like acapella thru walkman headphones. Can anyone help me fix my audio?

What mixer is it? And what Behringer interface? Let me know the model numbers and I’ll work out a better solution for you. Headphone out is the weak link in that chain straight away without even looking at it though.

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Doesn’t this unit already have a USB? If so, you’re going through two extra, unnecessary steps. Compare what you’re getting now to just using its own USB interface to start narrowing things down if you really need the external mixer connected.

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You need to use an external soundcard if you also want te stream Amazon and/or Tidal tracks. But I think we can provide a better form of support if we’d better know the specifics of the used hardware

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No it doesn’t have usb.

Interface is a behringer uca222 u control

The unit he’s asking about is the Mixstream Pro Go, which does have USB.

What did you think he meant?

I don’t understand either, why you’re involving an unknown mixer. You could run RCA straight to the Behringer.

In future, rather than just saying “my mixer”, “my behringer”, “my computer” and so on, telling us what they are would help us to help you.

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I’ve run the rca from the controller then to behringer into the laptop the audio doesn’t come thru.

Is that also with the XLR connected? Some devices it’s only one or the other. Is there not a ‘tape mix’ RCA out on your sub mixer? You’re better off using that rather than a headphone Jack

I have used the same soundcard without any issues. Check your volumes on the mixstream and OBS.

  1. Connect one end of the RCA to the Controller Master/Record/Booth out

  2. Connect the other end of the RCA to IN of the sound card

  3. Connect the sound card to laptop by USB

Have you used it with the Mixstream device the OP is using though? Will the Master RCA out work alongside the balanced outputs? As far as I can see that device has no booth or record outputs, it’s a single master out with 2 options.

I used it with a prime go. Both outputs work always together, balanced and unbalanced.

Different device though isn’t it, we need someone to confirm both outputs work together on this one.

The other consideration, perhaps the OP is looking for more control over the streaming output that is separate from their sound system, hence the sub mixer. It would be helpful if they explained all this so we can move on to helping them.

Why shouldn’t the outputs work at the same time? :man_shrugging:

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything with XLR & RCA outs, where use of one cuts off the other.

I cant remember for sure but im fairly certain one of my old Pioneer devices (possibly the XDJ-R1 but cant be 100%) wouldn’t output to both at the same time… I may be wrong though.

Anyway, that aside… as I said above, maybe the OP wants more individual control over the different parts of their system, for example being able to ramp up the sound system without impacting the stream level, so setting that level on a certain audio route and leaving it is the best option.

I personally just use ‘record out’ on my own device as it doesnt get impacted by any changes to the master output.

You’re going from a mono XLR into a mini stereo console mixer, then stereo TRS 1/4" (I think) to stereo RCA pair that goes into the Behringer interface?

Issues are probably because how you have the mono from the InMusic all-in-one mixed on the mini stereo console is doing something weird, but far too many variables and complicated a signal path.

You claim in another thread to have a Prime 4+, too. I’d recommend you download computer drivers for that, USB from Prime 4+ to computer, connect the Numark to a pair of Prime 4+ line inputs, and avoid mono.

If you don’t want the Prime 4+ connected, then download the Numark drivers and connect that with USB to the computer.

Oh wow, yes that’s definitely where he’s going wrong!

@Arkim_Lewis I can’t image how you think this is correct. :man_shrugging:

The outputs on the Numark are clearly marked L and R (left and right). Using one is only going to give you a mono signal.

What’s more, the other end is not even plugged into the jack marked mono…

Not sure why Reticuli is suggesting involving a Prime 4+ either. Just go straight from the Numark RCA outputs (using twin RCA, red and white, one in each output) to the RCA inputs of the Behringer.

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Because in his other thread he said he owns both the Numark and the Prime 4+, so if he wants them both in use at the same time during a stream, the Prime 4+ is the one he should use as the interface to the computer since it has line inputs that can pipe in the Numark.

Dude’s got so much gear and so little idea how to use it, I initially wanted to suggest he sell all the sound stuff and just get back to gaming, but I was feeling generous.

Actually, my initial reaction before that was that his responses were so bizarre he might be a bot and needed to be subjected to a captcha every time he came on here, but his video on this thread convinced me he’s a human.

Why have the Behringer in the path at all? His signal path is absurd, especially for someone who’s struggling to figure out what stereo analog and USB audio are. Hell, there could be splitting balanced mono to stereo components, polarity inversion, and summing to mono going on somewhere we can’t even see.

That doesn’t get into the issues of complaints about some of InMusic’s analog outs being abnormally sucky. Weren’t some people complaining about something’s balanced outs? Too complicated, not worth troubleshooting, and only inferior outcomes with how it’s currently rigged.

The Numark also has its own USB connection. If he doesn’t want to use both the Denon and Numark at the same time during a live stream and just wants to use the Numark, then connect the Numark’s USB to the computer. For that matter, he should download the audio drivers for both. No reason not to.