Still tryying to RMA from December 2022

I have to post this here, my support ticket will not send, every time I press send, it tells me that some field isn’t filled, although of course every single field has my information, even tried entering all my information on another browser.

One of my SC5000M’S needs service, it will not find any music when connected to my Denon mixer or other SC5000M, I have used 2 different cables, both work connected to my other working SC5000M, non working player also has no lights flashing on the network port showing any activity. I know it needs servicing, I still have 2 years warranty, I need an RMA number, I’m in Canada & also bought my player at Visions Electronics in Winnipeg. Thank you, I’m not asking how to diagnose my problem, one works, one doesn’t, I have used many cables, usb drives, the non working player needs service. I have one working SC5000M, the faulty one doesn’t act the same.

serial# (21) A11901237801673 purchase date 26 Dec, 2019 warranty 5 years

Have you tried the full reset option with the latest firmware? One of my 3 SC5000’s LAN stopped working, I did the full reset and it worked perfectly again. may not be your issue, but you can always try.

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I updated to 3, both players saw each other, 10 minutes later, the bad player lost the other player as a source

Did you check your ethernet wires ?

Did the full reset in options after updating to 3.0.0?

Who is the 5 years warranty with? is it your retailer or InMusic? We only have 1 year here in Europe from InMusic itself.

5 years with Denon, I think, I had to pay for the extra years

checked the cables, they work on my second player