Still not able to make playlist - move to playlist to my usb sticks

I can’t make playlists on my usb sticks. I hoped this new release will fix the problem but it doesn’t. I don’t have my entire collection on my pc (it’s on 3 usb sticks). When i buy new music, I import it in engine desktop app. When I want to move the folder to the usb (drag)… it doesn’t work. When I create a playlist on my usb it doesn’t work. I can only drag and drop the song on my usb en make the playlist on my Denon sc 5000Mn what takes a lot of time if you want make different playlists.

What can fix the problem. I’m on a MacBook Air with Mac OS Monterey 12.4

you may need to rethink your library management.

I have all the music in the collection, I make lists by genre, and I import them all when I have to make a set, zero problems using the Sync manager, I don’t have any problems with the new database either, (I haven’t noticed the conversion to 3.0 ), in general no problem, it is possible that many people have problems using different collections, rekordbox, Serato, etc… I don’t know… but in my case, and using from the beginning all my music in the engine collection , I have not had a problem. I also make a copy of everything on a portable HDD, in case the pc breaks I could continue using it as a copy, which I hope not

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